JBC Services

Connect People
Jo connects people through the power of stories and shared experiences both in-person and virtually.  She speaks on the following topics: 
  • How to Connect Orgs for Community Health
  • Improving Health by Getting People Connected thru Activity and Nature
  • Leading with Health in Mind
  • TR & Community Health
  • Intro Discussion on Inclusion and Diversity
  • Multi-Sector Partnerships and Education
  • Custom Created Programs
Collaborate Together

Jo brings unlikely partners and stakeholders together for multi-sectoral collaborations.  Are you looking for ways to expand your reach? Include non-traditional partners on projects and plans?  Looking for unique ways to build collaborations or coalitions founded in evidenced based action? 

Create Your Amazing

Jo creates "one of a kind" educational summits and meeting events for interdisciplinary and diverse populations. We win when we learn together and create solutions together.  Jo seeks out cutting edge professionals and speakers to share the latest successes, research and programs in combined field areas. 

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