Embrace Your Inner Weed

07/08/2022 01:25 PM Comment(s) By Jburns

When you think it's too hard...think like a weed!

Today I took a break from work (aka sitting in front of the computer) and went out to pull some weeds in my backyard.  I know…pulling weeds for a break, you must be thinking I’m a little nuts.  It’s actually very satisfying to pull a weed and get all the roots outs…and it comes with an amazing sound too.  While I was yanking out the weeds, some that had been sprayed with weed killer and some that hadn’t, it occurred to me how resilient and determined they must be.

Weeds have to be one of the toughest things on earth right after cockroaches.  So why embrace your inner weed (no…not that kind)?  During these challenging times to be a human, a woman in particular, we have to find ways to persevere and thrive despite others trying to keep us down.  We have a limited time on this earth and making the most of it is essential. (Check out the book “Four Thousand Weeks – Time Management for Mortals” if you need to ponder that thought some more.)

Weeds have a way of coming back, no matter what. I spend quite a bit of time pulling weeds in the spring and summer to prepare for the warm weather in our backyard and prep the garden.  No matter what those weeds come back every year. My husband is a fan of spraying them. I prefer to yank them out roots and all (see above note for gratifying sound reference). It’s rather cathartic to scoot around the yard and yank those suckers out and then look back on my accomplishment. 

Now think about the advantages of the weed.  They don’t care what they look like.  They come in numerous shapes, sizes, prickliness, and different shades of green. They can make anywhere a home…between rocks, next to hoses, under landscaping, in the middle of cracks in sidewalks, among the asphalt, and in your garden. They adapt well to all different types of environments…hot, dry, sunny, rainy, cold, even the snow.  They make-due with whatever climate gets thrown at them. They seem to have unending endurance.

Weeds also have an uncanny ability to spread and share their seeds.  Whether it’s being blown by the wind, being eaten by a deer and getting “redistributed” or hitching a ride on a human pant leg, weeds find a way to perpetuate and grow. 

Oh, how I wish I could call on the tenacity of the weed when the day-to-day slog gets me down or my to-do list seems unending.  A weeds #1 priority is survival, make the most of whatever is available and grow and then grow some more until someone pulls you out. And rejuvenate from whatever remaining glob of roots didn’t get pulled out and grow again. 

Every day is a good day to embrace my inner weed to keep going, being and growing.😉


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