"A" is for Action

05/19/2022 02:56 PM Comment(s) By Jburns

To make change...you've got to ACT

Talk is good and Action is better. When you’re on the journey to make a CHANGE for health, you can’t get anywhere without making a choice and doing it. "A" is for Action. During this pandemic I knew I needed an outlet to get more active, something that would consume me…mind, body and spirit. I chose mountain biking and the first thing you have to do is get on the bike…then see where it takes you. No one goes to the hardest mountain and just points the bike downhill, that’s a recipe for disaster.  I’m the first to admit I’m a mediocre mountain biker, a beginner. That’s where everyone has to start when they BEGIN something new. When was the last time you tried something new? There’s something exhilarating about learning, taking it all in and moving forward one step a time. It can also be scary as heck. The same goes for your health or your organization’s or your community’s. Are you ready for ACTion? 

A - Acknowledge the fear, then it has no control
C – Choose, what’s going to be your action of choice?
T – Time to take a risk. Start. Make the phone call, initiate a relationship, get on the bike

It starts with saying yes. Yes, it can be risky…that’s why you wear a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads until you get more comfortable. Yes, you might fall and/or fail, it’s part of the package and its OK! Dust yourself off and get back on the bike. What’s your “mountain bike” going to be? Share it and I’ll cheer you on. 

Originally published March 10, 2021


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