"N" is for Nudge & Network

05/19/2022 02:56 PM Comment(s) By Jburns

Who gives you the "nudge" you need?

The next letter in CHANGE is N, it's for Nudge and Networking. When you’re sitting on your bike at the top of a hill or the start of a run, sometimes you need a little nudge to take the leap to start. Sometimes you can’t see where the trail goes. Sometimes, it seems steeper in your mind and it’s hard to trust yourself. 

That’s when a nudge from someone you trust makes it a bit easier. My nudge usually comes from my daughter saying “Come on Mom, you got this!” And sometimes filled with terror, I nudge the bike forward and let it run with my heart beating like crazy. 

When you are putting your health or your community’s health in the forefront it can be hard to get started, the trail looks too daunting and the end is not in sight. It requires a nudge in the right direction and network to join you on the journey. Who do you want or need in your Network? Who is most likely to give you a trusting Nudge? 

Originally posted March 17 2021


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