"E" is for Explain/Express Yourself

05/19/2022 02:56 PM Comment(s) By Jburns

Things will CHANGE when you least expect it.

Well, it’s time for me to "Explain" what’s been going on. When I started the CHANGE Blog Series back in early 2021 "G" & "E" were supposed to stand for Goals and Express Yourself. Now it’s for GEEZ…what the heck happened. Did I fall off my bike? No, I wiped out skiing in late March 2021 which resulted in a concussion and pretty much derailed where I was headed with my blog and business. 

The goals for my health had to completely CHANGE. I didn't really want to own that I had a concussion. Healing became the #1 focus for everything I did. What my head and body needed was for me to slow down, re-group and hone in on what was most important for making it through the day. The blog was on the bottom of that list. Now almost 10 months later I’m finally able to contribute to my business more than 6 hours a day. Unfortunately, I had to take a break from riding my bike because it would bounce my head all over the place. To keep moving and active I kept exercising and making modifications to the work outs and hiking mostly on local trails. It's been a challenging time to say the least.  

While I look the same on the outside...how my brain works, how I integrate what I see, how I manage my time, how I prioritize, how I acknowledge where I'm at emotionally and physically has all CHANGED.  I invite you to share how life changing events can turn things upside down, reek havoc with our health (even when we don't want it to), and provide us the opportunity to approach the world differently. 

Originally posted January 25, 2022


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