"C" is for Collaborate not Cookie

05/17/2022 11:12 AM Comment(s) By Jburns

Creating your ideal team by following the LAW

When you’re ready to connect the dots for your health or your organization’s, the first LAW of collaboration is you can’t do it by yourself. You must take an active role in making it happen. You need to build a team that you choose.  C for Collaborate is the first letter in CHANGE. When I first started mountain biking, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I could talk a good game because of my kids but that was about it. I knew my family would support me, that was easy. I also started reaching out to other women who knew more than I did on the bike. They encouraged me as we tackled unfamiliar obstacles on the trail. So how do you build a team, or collaborative effort with LAW. Check below. 

L is for Leave - you’ve got to get out of your silo and reach across disciplines or to a variety of other people. Leave the old way behind and venture out
A is for Ask - do some outreach and Ask to be at the decision-making table for health in your community, Ask people from any aspect of the health industry to be at your table. 
W is for Welcome – invite and Welcome people from other disciplines, folks who are different than you 

While it may be easier to do the same old thing when it comes to health, you are not going to get results or reach your goals unless you shake things up a bit. Committing to Collaborating for health with a team you build puts you on the trail to success. 

Who do you imagine being on your ideal team?

Originally Posted February 16, 2021


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