"H" is for Health Vision

05/19/2022 10:59 AM Comment(s) By Jburns

Creating Your Health Vision

To create CHANGE for yourself or your organization you need vision…in this case a Health vision. H – is the next letter of CHANGE. What do you want your definition, your vision of Health to be? One of the first things you learn in mountain biking is where to look, where should your vision be focused. We tend to go towards the thing we focus on. I crashed into many a rock, root, bush, hole and snow bank because my vision was in the wrong place. You have to look where you want to go, not at what you are afraid to crash into. When it comes to a vision for Health consider the 3 D’s 
Definition – craft a definition of health that works for you, has your priorities in mind, is right for your skill level, your interests, and your location (you can always modify it as your grow) 

Domains – consider the 7 domains of Health – Physical, Social, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Environmental and Economic. Does your Health Vision encompass all 7 or are you focused on a few? 

Different – Everyone’s definition of health if DIFFERENT! You can’t expect people to have the same definition as you and that is A-OK!

When I think about my vision for Health, it has a lot to do with managing pain, being active, connecting with people, venturing outside on trails, having moments of quiet, finding joy and challenging myself mentally and physically. What does your Health vision look like? 

Originally Posted February 16, 2021


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