"G" is for Goals

06/08/2022 11:25 AM Comment(s) By Jburns

Make setting goals for your health should MATter.

We can’t accomplish anything unless we choose to. The act of choosing can be subtle or grand. Often its in the form of setting a goal we’d like to accomplish and there are multiple steps.  When I started mountain biking, I really didn’t know what I was doing, just hopped on the bike to hit a local trail, mostly paved ones. Then I wanted to gain some strength and endurance, so I would go on longer rides with a destination in mind, somewhere I could say “I did it”, whether it was making it to the top of the dam or crossing under I-25. There was no mistaking the sense of accomplishment even though I was usually trailing behind my husband and daughter…I was doing it at my speed.  When we choose to start making changes related to our health, we have to start at place that’s comfortable for us or our organization.  And that place is some type of goal and idea for growth.  Nike has it right…we’ve got do “Just Do It”. 

Goals for your health should be measurable, attainable and within a reasonable time frame (MAT) they should also be meaningful and matter to you. 

Measurable – put a number on it - for me it became # of miles, could I go just a bit farther to a new destination on my bike. 

Attainable – something that’s doable with your current resources – I have my daughter’s hand me down bike

Time frame – far enough into the future you have some time to work on it and not so far that it overwhelms you.

My goal for mountain biking was to be able to ride the green trails in Fruita with my family when we all went biking together and not die. Got all 3 it was measurable – ride green trails, attainable – ride with family and not die, and a reasonable time frame – June 2020 (3 months after I started learning to ride). It was really important to me to be included in this family activity during the pandemic an increased sense of belonging. So, what’s your goal for health? Can you apply the MAT principle? Why does it matter to you? When you can do all 3 you are more likely to accomplish it and get to feeling good.

Originally posted January 25, 2022


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