"N" is for Nudge & Network

The next letter in CHANGE is N, it's for Nudge and Networking. When you’re sitting on your bike at the top of a hill or the start of a run, sometimes you need a little nudge to take the leap to start. Sometimes you can’t see where the trail goes. Sometimes, it seems steeper in your mind and it’s har...

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"H" is for Health Vision
To create CHANGE for yourself or your organization you need vision…in this case a Health vision. H – is the next letter of CHANGE. What do you want your definition, your vision of Health to be? One of the first things you learn in mountain biking is where to look, where should your vision be focused...
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"C" is for Collaborate not Cookie
C is for Collaborate - decide who your team is going to be
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I CAN CHANGE...yeah really!
How Mountain Biking set me on a new path.
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